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New membership and Discount!!!

Started by admin Jul 30th, 2021 at 18:26
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admin (Admin)
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Hey everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well.

This is an important announcement.

We've added a new membership and made some changes to the old memberships.

Important note!!!

If you want to purchase rental referrals and upgrade your account, first of all, upgrade your account and then purchase your rental referrals.
Because you will get rental referrals average according to your membership.
And if any rental referrals don't work, please to do recycle.
If you still have the same problem then send us a support ticket.

Please keep in mind your rental referrals average totally depends on your memberships because all memberships have various averages.

Today we are offering a 10% discount on all memberships, always stay happy and stay connected with us.

If anyone has any confusion or for any query send us a support ticket we're available 24/7.

Best wishes,
Sipads team.
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This is good news admin, thanks
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Really, practical news to help members stay on and earn better! Thanks, Admin!
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